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Starting Your First Product Photography Shoot for Social Media

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

We love to work with new businesses. When a brand is in its infancy, it is important to start off with the right message and make your social media pop with the right photography.

When clients come to us, we like to engage with them and share ideas, making sure we both understand what will make the shoot a success. What really moves this process along is when clients come to us with reference images or a mood board.

The Brand

For this shoot, our client was an up and coming cosmetic company focused on male grooming and mental health. Before starting the product photography it was important that we understood the message of the brand, the design language they were already using online, and how our photography will fit in with their existing online content.

Product Photography Manchester
Flat lay Product Photography

The Idea

After looking at the photography on their Instagram and website, we decided on a grey and black colour palette. For props we used pillars and and a textured backdrop to give the product a simple and masculine vibe.

To show off the natural ingredients that go into the clients products, we also decided to do a shoot, with the products surrounded by coffee, aloe vera, and camomile. The client sent over some reference shots to us so that we were clear on what look they wanted.

The Shoot

Product Photography Manchester
Product Photography Studio

For lighting, we used a strip box either side of the product. One light on a slightly higher power and acting as the main light, and the other on a lower power to act as a fill light.


Post processing is an important part of any shoot we do. For this shoot, the challenge was rectifying some imperfections in this pre production version of the product. We often shoot products that aren't on the market yet and as such, the products need to look as good as possible for launch.


Product Photography Manchester
Product Photography Retouching


Product Photography Manchester
Product Photography Retouching

Although only a small part of this product, attention to detail is key in product photography. These little imperfections can build up to make bad impression in the final result.

Some important things we do as a standard in retouching are:

  • Removal of any dust and scratches to your product

  • Cutting out and emboldening your products logo

  • Merging of multiple images in order get a sharp photograph all round

  • Colour correcting and ensuring your product is the same colour in the photograph as it is in real life.


After the shoot, we delivered the images to the client via a Wetransfer link. They were pleased with the result and were happy to leave a testimonial for us, which you can see on our homepage.

Product Photography Manchester
Creative Product Photography

Product Photography Manchester
Product Photography Manchester

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