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Step 1 - Get In Touch

Tell us your ideas and we plan a shoot around your brands needs. We give you a price and a date we will shoot your products by

Step 2 - Send us your products (or book a shoot day and we'll come to you)

Send us your products by post, or if you're local, drop the samples off at our studio.

Step 3 - Shoot Day

We get in touch with you and let you know how the shoot is going, sending over some initial shots to confirm the images will turn out how you imagined them.

Step 4 - Retouching

Retouching is an important part of our process, we make sure your product is looking perfect before we send images back to you

Step 5 - Delivery

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We send your finished images straight to your inbox in wonderful high resolution via Wetransfer and post your samples back to you.


Hi, I'm Jack Pickerill, head photographer of Teal Studios.

We are specialists in making high quality commercial product photography working both on location or in a studio setting. We are currently based in the Whalley area of Manchester and are happy to take on any photography work in the Greater Manchester area and around the north of England. 

We've worked with many different clients from varying sectors, taking on photography work ranging from food photography, homeware and appliances, to sports equipment and clothing.

Our photography services are priced competitively in order to offer high quality commercial photography at an affordable price.

At Teal, we put our enthusiasm for photography into every job we take on, and always aim to deliver images that are sophisticated, contemporary and to your specification.

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