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3 Ways to Launch Your Brand With The Right Photography - Social Media Product Photography Shoot

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

When it comes to putting your business out into the world, we understand the importance of getting everything right. To get your brand ready and your website and social media all set up to launch - we know that the right product photography can really sell your brands image at this crucial stage of your business.

We worked with the small Manchester business 'Like a Pharaoh' to create photography launching their soap and cosmetic online store and social media. The brand chose to go with our product photography starter package, specifically made with small brands in mind.


When possible, we like to have a short consultation with the client before every shoot we do. Prior to this shoot, we spoke to the client over zoom. This planning stage of the process is perfect for sharing initial ideas and clarifying how many products will be involved in the shoot.

When planning your shoot, here are some questions you can ask yourself and things that you can do to prepare:

1. How many products are you launching? For online stores it is essential to have photographs of each product on its own. But are your products part of a range? For this shoot the client decided that it was best to shoot each product on its own as well as the range of products in a similar set up. This encouraged continuity throughout their brand.

Manchester Soap Photography
Soap Product Photography
Product Photography Manchester
Soap Range Product Photography

2. How many images do you need? As 'Like a Pharoah' were just launching their brand, we suggested creating versatile images that will look good in an online store, as well as social media. This means that each image has to be both a clear representation of the product, and visually interesting to look at.

Soap Photography Manchester

3. What style do you want the images in? When choosing your brands identity, look at the competition and study what works well and what your brand can improve on. Ideas for creative photography set ups can be found on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram and we highly encourage our clients to send over any photography they would like to use as inspiration for their brand.

Soap Photography Manchester

For this shoot, the client showed us a mood board detailing the colours and looks that they wanted their brand to be associated with. This helped ensure that we were both on the same page and that the photography was right for the brand.

Soap Product Photography

Here is what Like a Pharaoh had to say about working with us

"Teal studios had been a saviour as I wanted to launch my brand in the quickest time possible, Jack managed to schedule a shoot day in shortly and had all images sent to me on time. Very neat and creative photography with affordable prices. Highly recommended." - Ingy Fahm Like A Pharaoh

You can check out some more of the finished shots over at

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